Numeron CV The capacity of the feeding pocket-500
Capacity Stacker-250
Counted the number-1-999
Remove counterfeit banknote
Dimensions of banknotes: 50 * 100 95 * 185 mm
Counting speed: 72000 notes per hour
Power: 220
Power consumption: 210 W
Dimensions-360 * 450 * 512
Magner350 Passed CBR tested and fully compliant with requirements set forth in CBR Regulation No. 318-P as published at the CBR official web site.
Feeding pocket capacity up to 1000 banknotes.
Automatic saving of data after each counting into the counter's memory.
7 inch (17.8 cm) color sensor LED display with good response time.
Connection to the Check TV event-based video surveillance system.
Counting data transmission via USB or LAN connection.
Tape detection in all operating modes.
DORS 800


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